Stay dry. Stay powerful.

Our values

At Runes Movement

... we genuinely believe that being professionally successful and staying true to our personal values is not mutually exclusive, but rather a matter of finding the right balance. We feel that this ideal balance is best expressed with an analogy to the biological Concept of Symbiosis, where two species live in close proximity to each other and interact in a way that benefits both. We believe that a brand is only truly successful if its relationships with customers, environment, society, employees and business partners are mutually beneficial.

More than a brand

Our marketing is honest and transparent and we have no excessive pricing.

We provide excellent customer services.

We are working on creating a forum for women to share experience and issues related to female athleticism.

More than a Member of Society

All our business partners have to demonstrate gender balanced organisations.

We will partner with charities associated with our business purpose.

Our business practices are ethical, e.g. we are not exploiting lower labour standards in developing countries or loopholes for tax purposes.

More than a Consumer of Environmental Resources

We only use materials that are recyclable, recycled, up-cyclable or biodegradable, where available.

We only work with manufacturers with corresponding sustainability objectives.

We don't use wasteful packaging.

How it all started

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