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Fashion has been rated as one of the most polluting industries. Fast fashion, in particular, is a fundamental cause of many of the sustainability issues the fashion industry is facing. With 100 billion garments produced every year, one may wonder - why Runes Movement? Why would the world need yet another sportswear brand? 

We are not here to make more of the stuff of which there is too much already. We are here to close a gap left by conventional sportswear brands and focus on the physiology of female sports enthusiasts. In doing so, we at Runes are determined to help kicking fast fashion to the curb and champion the business model of slow fashion, hoping that it will one day become the industry norm.

Read here if you want to know how we are shouldering this big task (and how you can help):

Did you know that... ,
20% of all fashion items go unsold

We produce small volumes of each product to have better control over excess production. This may cause certain items to be out of stock from time to time, so please bear with us and we promise to stock up as fast as we can. 

If you are looking for a way to contribute to our efforts, feel free to sign up for pre-orders on sold-out products. Pre-orders allow us to get a better understanding of the demand.

Did you know that ...,
the average garment is worn just 7 times before getting tossed

Our focus is on function and performance. We think of our products as seasonless staples in a woman’s sportswear drawer with a timeless, yet beautiful appeal. We only choose high quality fabrics and materials that last and survive a lot of washes; and the generous stretch and recovery of our fabric accommodates for the odd cheat days or even weeks.

How can you contribute? If you go for quality over quantity you are less likely to need replacements.

Did you know that... ,
the clothing industry is responsible for 10% of global emissions

We actively reduce the  environmental impact of transport:

Our manufacturing location is in Portugal, in close proximity to our market and distribution centre.

We source fabrics exclusively from Europe. Only if our desired technology isn’t available regionally, we source other materials outside of Europe (<2%).

We use low waste cutting techniques and panelling of garment to minimise textile waste. With this we avoid contributing to the 15% of textile ending up on the cutting room floor.

You can play a part in this sustainability movement by shopping from local brands. It may feel like a small effort, but it has a major trickle-down effect.

Did you know that ...,
the clothing industry employs every 6th worker and fewer than 2% of those workers earn the living wage

We produce solely in Europe, where labour standards are the highest worldwide.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct covers all ILO principles in different stages of production and  we visit our traced manufacturer and fabric suppliers annually to check compliance with our Suppliers Code of Conduct.

If you too are outraged by the exploitation of vulnerable communities, condemn slavery and child labour, and unsafe working conditions, you can help by being mindful when you see a bargain. Check the origins of the product!

Did you know that ...,
over 60% of garments contain fabrics derived from fossil fuels

Our sports undies and loose-fit pants are created from high-end recycled fabrics made of 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre- and post-industrial waste, such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff and plastic bottles. These materials are turned into a new polyamide yarn boasting the same features as virgin nylon in terms of performance and quality.

A note on our leggings: Our mission was to create a performance legging that wasn’t see-through, yet still had great sweat-wicking properties and a light-weight feel. Now that we’ve achieved this with a virgin fabric, we are in talks with the fabric supplier to create the same thing in a recycled version. Watch this space! 

Saving the planet is important to all of us. By joining the Runes Movement, we would love to do it together with you, through more conscious creation, consumption and awareness.

At Runes we go the extra mile:

Eco: All our fabrics have at a minimum received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, have been tested for harmful substances and are confirmed as being harmless in human ecological terms.

Vegan: Our products are made of  100% vegan materials. We do not use wool, leather, down feather, fur, angora, animal skin, exotic animal skin, shearling.

Packaging: We package our products in  biodegradable plastic and avoid wasteful packaging.

Reduced landfill: We believe absorbent underwear helps reduce landfill from the excess pads used for pee-leaks during workouts.

Gender equality: We produce all our goods in a women-led factory in Portugal.

Happy workouts, from the
Runes Movement team

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