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Love workouts, but pissed-off with sportswear?
So are we!

Made for sport

We don’t want to create more of the same. There’s too much stuff in the world already. We only make a product if we think we've solved a problem that women experience when they work out.

Why we made our super absorbent undies

We know of women who shy away from certain exercises or even stopped exercising altogether - just because of pee-leaks. It's truly baffling, that in this day and age we are able to land robots on Mars, but we cannot make sportswear for an issue that is so common among women. Definitely, our first focus had to be to create undies that allow women to ignore any leaks and give them back their workouts.

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Why we made our sweat-free undies

When we worked on our absorbent undies, we realised that sports underwear for women hardly exists. Plenty of choices for men. But the few sports undies you can find for women are rarely and barely distinguishable from your standard, daily undies. 

How can leggings be expected to wick crotch sweat, if the undies are made of cotton that does the exact opposite by attracting and holding on to water? 

And why do we have to put up with adjusting our undies during workouts? An ergonomic design that allocates more fabric in areas where more stretch is needed, and a breathable waistband that is wide, cone-shaped and sits high in your waist will make sure your undies stay put even in the most vigorous workouts.

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Why we made our no-see-through leggings

Ever been tempted to tell a workout buddy that you can see her undies through her leggings? Are you too bending into a pretzel to check if your leggings are see-through? Not daring to choose leggings in bold and bright colours for fear that crotch sweat could be visible? Not using half of the leggings in your drawer because of fit issues? We have all been there …. it's time it stops.

Super tight-knit, stretchy, yet light-weight quality fabric that is opaque and sweat wicking does exist! We found it in France. Sure, it’s expensive, but it is also long-lasting, comfortable and soft on your skin. But do note, if you want your leggings to wick away crotch sweat, make sure you don't wear undies that soak up and hold on to sweat.

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Why we made our loose-fit pants

Since we aren’t dolls, we have days when we naturally feel a bit bloated, especially when on our period, or there are simply days where we just don’t want to be squeezed into skin-tight clothes. There is little choice when it comes to loose fitting sports pants that are light enough to not make you overheat, snug enough to not get in your way during exercises, stretchy and sweat-wicking enough for sports and stylish enough to also wear on the way to and from the gym. The harem pants style gives plenty of space, even for squats and lunges, yet don't have a saggy-bum look in the back. The perfect companion when you feel the need for some space. 

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Always innovating

As crossfit enthusiasts we know what’s wrong with sportswear, because we live - and sometimes 'die' - in it. We start with problems we’ve experienced and then search the world for innovative new textiles and technologies that can help solve these challenges, and boost your performance.

Focus on performance

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