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How it all started

Like so many of us,

... I took a break from exercising to better juggle children, job and career choices. When I was finally able to carve out some time for myself, I found that body toning wasn't the only benefit of exercising. Most of all, I loved the escapism from work and the daily worries, and I found that this one hour of focusing on myself and exercises was essential to my sanity and mental balance. 

There was just the one thing that regularly threw me off from getting the mental release I really, really needed. The first time it happened was during a heavy back squat - I peed my pants. And not just a few drops, but quite a squirt. All I could think of were cold, wet pants, soaked undies and itchy legs. All I wanted was the workout class to be over and done with asap and just go home. Later, it happened again during other exercises like skipping and pull-ups. And no matter how fit and strong I got, the pee-leaks didn't go away.

Embarrassed, and guilty

... for not having done enough Kegel exercises during my pregnancies, it took me a while to confide in anyone including my husband. I felt old and unfit, and on a fast track to needing incontinence products.

Eventually, I decided to face the issue and research causes, treatments and potential products. It was an eye-opening experience. I found that many, many women of all ages, with or without kids, even professional athletes, had the same issue - some less, others more severe. When I started broaching the issue with workout friends, I discovered that by no means was I the only one in the gym who peed her pants during workouts. I was in very good company.

Trust us,

... pee-leaks are not the result of age, neglect or childbirth. Those life events don’t help, of course, but many women in their early twenties, fit and childless, deal with pee-leaks. Pee-leaks happen because of the way our urinary tract is built. Full stop. Strengthening our pelvic floor is always a good idea, but don’t expect miracles.

Fast forward a few years, I decided to leave the company where I held an executive position. I wanted a complete career change. After yet another leaky workout experience, I knew exactly what that new career had to be. I was fed up with being embarrassed over something I had no control over. And I was fed up with glossy sportswear, that didn’t do what I needed it to do. In my next career I would fix exactly that; I would help women like me and create sportswear that is made for living, breathing women with bodily functions.

Susanne Marston - Founder and CEO

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