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Did you know that 50% of all women between 12 and 69 years old experience pee-leaks in workouts. Until very recently, we women were told that it's because of us getting older, not being fit enough or not slim enough or because we have popped out a few children along the way.

Truth is: pee-leaks happen in up to 80% of young, childless elite athletes, depending on the nature of their sport. 

Take back
your workout

Pee-leaks in sports are causing self-esteem issues in many women. Some women skip high intensity exercises or stop doing sports altogether.

      This pisses us off!              
Our absorbent undies are made to give women back their workouts so that they can focus on what really matters: their fitness, wellbeing and athletic goals. 

For women
by women

We can't make you stop peeing in workouts, but we can save you from embarrassing moments in wet leggings.

As a sportswear brand founded and led by a woman, we know from own experience the demands of the female anatomy and the limitations of male focused sports brands. How can it be that in this day and age we can land robots on Mars, but no  sports brand is offering a solution for a normal issue as sports related pee-leaks?

This is where
Runes Movement
comes in!

Try-out offer - Risk free!

100% money-back guarantee
on your first absorbent undies

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