Code of Conduct

We believe that a brand is only truly successful if its relationships with customers, environment, society, employees and business partners are mutually beneficial.
Susanne Marston, Runes Movement


At Runes, we are committed to the highest standard of business conduct. But the buck doesn’t just stop with us. Our expectations from our network of suppliers are equally as high as on ourselves. This is why we only partner up with suppliers who have business standards that correspond to ours.  

Those standards are based on 4 simple - but essential - principles:

Quality: Provide high-quality and effective products

Environment: Operate in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner

People & Labour: Protect human rights and treat people with dignity and respect

Ethics & Integrity: Conduct business in an ethical manner and act with integrity

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct if you want to know in detail what we are asking of our suppliers and how we ensure our expectations are met.