Stay dry. Stay powerful.

Performance is our focus

Our absorbent gusset

The challenge: to create a gusset  for absorbent undies that can deal with high-pressured and high-volume pee squirts. After testing fabrics and materials from all corners of the world, we found a material used in the medical sector. The compact and highly absorbent material keeps the liquid confined  and is washable, therefore ideal for our purposes. And the bonus: the material is super thin and barely noticeable, not more than a panty liner. But we didn't stop there. We created a novel technological approach to encapsulate the absorbent layer so that the liquid doesn’t escape into the main fabric  - a truly unique performance  underwear.  

One-of-a-kind waistband

Sports undies that don’t need adjusting during workouts? An ergonomic design and high quality fabric are critical, but the real key is a waistband that won't budge and keeps the undies where they're supposed to be. This requires the waistband to have a significant width so that it can sit in the small of the back, be super elastic to slide over the hips but still fit snug in the waist, be breathable enough and vent where we sweat a lot, and yet also thin enough to not show through leggings. Too much to ask for? We didn’t rest till we could tick all boxes. With the help of the newest laminating technology, at times pulling our hair out with test after test and being a real pain-in-the-neck for our suppliers, we created a waistband that delivered everything you need.

All about pee-leaks & crotch sweat

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